Dharma Life User Stories

A Better Manager
Based on the true experience of E.K., Dharma Life User

My credentials and hard work brought me to a position of leadership in my company, a manager to a handful of people. Within a couple of months, I feared that sooner or later I was going to be demoted. When I worked alone, I used to finish all of my work way before the deadline. However, as leader and manager, I didn't understand why none of my subordinates obeyed me and why I couldn't take the team forward. I felt low about myself. After working hard to climb the ladder, it was as though I couldn't climb any higher. Someday, someone was going to push me off the ladder if I didn’t learn how to be a good leader. The Dharma Life program tapped my curiosity on a social network. The first time I spoke with my mentor I thought I was going to be told that I have low confidence or that I'm not suited for leadership.

During mentoring, I was relieved to hear that the root cause of the problem was my submissiveness. When the mentor began to speak about submissiveness, not being able to say "No", and finding it impossible to make my subordinates work, it rang a bell. In fact, I realized I was taking a lot of their work on my shoulders. Throughout the program, my mentor helped me work through my tendency to be submissive. Today, I'm meeting my targets at work. It might sound silly, but I have to role-play right before I demand my subordinates to finish up their work. The mind-altering psychology tools like positive self-statements and role-play are simple, yet effective tools. Very soon, I know that I'll step into the skin of being an effective and commanding leader. It only adds to the charm that no one can take away, my basic instinct of kindness.