Dharma Life User Stories

Coming to Life
Based on the true experience of W.H., Dharma Life User

The most embarrassing part about being fearful is the shivers that show up and surface in front of others. Some people have stage fright and they avoid being on stage, but I had something more difficult to deal with: being afraid of people. Being afraid of even interacting with new people and opening up to share was a huge distress. Nobody understands a socially anxious person. If I ever tried to talk, I'd talk too fast in my state of nervousness. I realized that it would be impossible to use my potential and become an entrepreneur. I badly wanted to begin my start-up. Like anyone else, I craved to share my ideas with the world. But when it's time to do a presentation or participate in a business conference, where you talk with strangers; it was almost impossible for me to talk. The only thought that would run through my head was that I'd speak too fast and show my nervousness. No one would understand or follow my speech.

The mentoring in the program not only soothed my nerves and gave me confidence, but also gave me techniques, like muscle relaxation, to use when I'm faced with fear. I'm confident that I conquer my fear of people very soon. My dream of a start-up is slowly coming to life again after being suppressed for such a long time.