Dharma Life User Stories

Getting Me Out of My Own Way
Based on the true experience of A.R., Dharma Life User

The Dharma Life mentor confirmed that my long-term barrier has always been perfectionism. The program taught me ways to overcome the obstacles of this trait. I regret avoiding things in the past because I thought I couldn't be perfect at it. I'm glad I don't have to miss on any opportunity that life gives me in future.

After working hard on my projects, I was never satisfied with myself. That was frustrating. Other teammates also failed, in my eyes, to deliver the standards I expected. This made me come across as a person who was set apart from the rest, who seemed to get on quickly with everything. The way I look at things has dramatically changed since starting with Dharma Life. I'm more confident, do not feel the compulsive need to be perfect, and I feel free. I have a long way to go with the Dharma Life Program, but I'm certain that I'm going to feel more and more carefree towards the end of it. Right now, I am focusing on my realization that trying to be perfect and correct has created numerous obstacles throughout my life.