Dharma Life Mission

"Based on Science"

As human beings, we are born with some great attributes and with some inadequacies. The primary causes of these attributes, both positive and negative, are genes, environment, mind and luck. Until now, we were typically constrained by our inadequacies and negative attributes. But what if we can move these boundaries by challenging our genes, environment and mind? We can be super human, right? No, we can't. But we can at least have a productive, successful, and happy life.

Here is the true story of Sam Berns overcoming his constraints to accomplish goals that were beyond his boundaries.


A million dollar word. Genes are the architects of the human body and control most aspects of our life. What we inherit from our previous generations affects us from head to toe. Genes affect us in many ways, including our potential to excel in sports, our intelligence, beauty, creativity, habits, decision making etc. But what happens when an individual is not blessed with the perfect genes? We can overcome the effects of genes by changing the neurotransmitters or hormones in the body through natural methods.


The environment that we have grown up in has molded us into who we are today. We cannot go back and change our past and we cannot separate ourselves from the impact our surroundings have on us. One's background can create personality traits like depression, anger, social anxiety, and violence that can result in an unsatisfactory life. We can, however, alter the effects of environmental struggles to foster better lives. Here is how the environment shapes one's life.


The mind is the facet of a person which enables him or her to be aware of the world and interpret life's experiences. Every person under the sun has something that complicates his or her life. However, some are successfully able to deal with it while the rest need to be taught to become more resilient. Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are some proven clinical practices that help a person overcome unfavorable thinking patterns and become more optimistic. Overall, training the mind helps a person stay strong in the face of any stressor by enabling him/her to consider both joys and sorrows as a part of life. Change can be found by looking deeper into the power of your mind. Here's why you should never underestimate it!


Luck is purposeless and unpredictable. It is something that shapes events favorably or unfavorably for any individual. Lucky events tend to exert a dramatic influence over our lives. Luck has the power to take the improbable into the realm of the probable. It is often the line which separates life and death, reward and ruin, happiness and despair. Is there a science behind luck? Who is lucky and who is not? Here, Phillipe Gabillet talks about success and luck.