Discovery App

The Dharma Discovery app is used as the first step in all of Dharma Life Science’s development programs. The Discovery App was designed to help you discover the critical competencies/qualities that are required to achieve your goals.

The Discovery App also helps you discover your inclinations which are the tendencies that could be helping or keeping you from developing the competencies/qualities that you need to achieve your goals. Some examples of inclinations could be your tendency to form strong emotional connections with others, your proclivity for compassionate behaviors and perspectives, or your impulse to follow instructions without questioning the abilities and values of the person delineating them.

Finally, after you successfully finish the Dharma Discovery App, you will be given the option to discover your personality traits that are causing your inclinations with the help of a mentor. 

The Dharma Discovery App is available for download on both the Apple App store and Google Play stores.

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