Leadership Development

Dharma's leadership programs are interventions and not assessments. We assume that either you have done the assessments or will do the assessments based on whatever tools you have standardized on. Dharma offers you the following leadership programs to choose from for your organization:

Our programs have a straightforward process and guarantee a 25% increase in the competencies that are important to your leaders. The improvement will be quickly noticeable by management through observation and positive word-of-mouth, so you are immediately aware that the program is working for your leaders.

Our programs are based on your previous measurement of the leadership competencies based on whatever assessment tool you have used, identifying the critical competency that needs to be improved, executing the Dharma leadership program and then finally re-assessing the leadership competencies to show the level of improvement.

Dharma programs are scheduled over an 8 week period and requires the following investments of your leaders time:

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