Understanding the root of the problem: What is holding employees back from achieving goals?

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Employers search regularly for new ways to improve their employees, yet training initiatives are failing to deliver.  Learn how CEO J. Sasidhar uncovers the solution to effective employee development.


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Dharma Life Sciences develops 25 trait solutions and files 15 patents

Narayan Kulkarni, June 19, 2016, Bengaluru, DHNS

Dharma Life Sciences, a thought leader engaged in personal development programmes, has developed 25 trait solutions and filed 15 patents for these solutions.


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Dharma Life Sciences to Enter Indian Market

Tue, 26 Apr 2016-02:20pm , Business Wire

Dharma Life Sciences has announced plans to tap the burgeoning Personality Development market in India with its Trait Skills Management programs for corporations...

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5 Jan, 2016

Trait Skills: The Secret Ingredient to a Productive Workforce

New York, NY, January 5, 2016 - Dharma Life Sciences, L.L.C., a thought leader in Personal Development, announced today that it has launched its first Trait Skills Management Program for developing Trait Skills in Employees…

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