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Indian Research Staff


Gopi Ambikapathi

Senior Research Scientist

"Research at Dharma Life Sciences has been one of the most interesting phase of my time as a biochemist so far."

Sreenidhi Sundaran

Research Associate

"I have rediscovered psychology and the power of mind through my research at Dharma Life Sciences. I love the concept that no medical intervention is required to move one's boundaries. It feels good to be responsible for the positive impact of clinical psychology."

Aaheli Dasgupta

Research Assistant

"Working in Dharma life has helped me explore undiscovered aspects of human mind. I find myself growing more curious everyday"

Manisha Nagpal

Chief Science Officer

"As a clinical psychologist, my work at Dharma Life Sciences is highly rewarding as I'm able to touch many lives through the products created to help people. Mobile apps in particular, are easier to reach out for and open up to."

Pranav Kumar Mishra

Research Associate

"Nothing beats the excitement of coming across a new piece of information that could lead us to the next level of Dharma Life."