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Dharma Life Sciences has made breakthroughs in improving leadership competencies through their original scientific research on developing personality traits. By integrating and extending diverse scientific concepts like brain plasticity (neuroscience), cognitive therapies (psychology), neurotransmitter and hormonal levels (physiology), the role of repetition (learning theory) and entertainment (gaming) we have been able to create an efficient process for improving leadership competencies.

Brain Plasticity
Brain Plasticity
Brain Plasticity
Cognitive Therapies
Brain Plasticity
Neurotransmitter & Hormonal Levels
Brain Plasticity
Role of Repetation
Brain Plasticity

Our process for developing personality traits is based on the concept of brain wiring and rewiring. The original brain wiring for a trait is caused due to incorrect repetitions or lack of correct repetitions in an individual’s environment. The brain rewiring is achieved through the correct repetitions through games and actions implemented in Dharma’s software apps. The trait specific wiring and rewiring is the core of our research findings and we have patents pending on these innovations.

Based on our field research we have realized that most current and future leaders need at least one trait to be developed. Furthermore, for each specific trait the wiring and rewiring are the same in an individual regardless of ethnicity, culture, sex, and socioeconomic status.

We also have gathered statistics on the efficacy of the program over a 8-week period and have concluded a leader can show an average of 25% improvement in their critical competencies.


The data shows no significant relapse after the completion of the program. These statistics are being validated by academic institutions and will be published in peer-reviewed publications.