"Learning and Development Solutions through Personality Trait Development"

Dharma Life Solutions

Learning and Development programs train employees with the skills and competencies required to transform them to become a high-potential member of your organization. To give direction and measurement for this training, it is typical to specify one or more HR metrics like emotional intelligence, leadership capabilities, productivity, engagement, retention etc.

Dharma Life solutions are also targeted towards enhancing HR metrics with one specific change. All the solutions initially focus on developing the required personality traits in each employee and focus on the competencies required by the HR metric thereafter.

Dharma Life develops personality traits by balancing primary traits specific to each employee like perfectionism, sensitivity, and nervousness and further by enhancing success traits like creativity, passion and openness. The success traits that need to be developed are usually dependent on the goals of your organization and the role of the employee whereas the primary traits that need to be developed are very specific to the employee.