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Student Programs

As a college student, you have a limited amount of time on your hands, but need to ensure that you get good grades, have fun, get some sleep and maybe earn some money. After all that is taken care of you may need to plan your future career success.

Our student development programs have a straightforward process and guarantee a 25% increase in the qualities that are important to you. The improvements will be quickly noticeable by you as well as the people around you.

Our programs are based on measuring the required qualities before the start of the program, identifying with you the critical quality that needs to be improved, executing the program and then measuring the quality to show the level of improvement at the end of the program.

Dharma programs are scheduled over an 8-week period and require the following investments of your time:

Any personal information shared by you with your mentor is treated as confidential information and not shared with anyone else.

Dharma offers the following Student development programs to choose from:

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