Dharma Life Customer Success Stories

Dharma Life Sciences partners with companies to meet ongoing needs, achieve desired outcomes, and create lasting change that has a direct and measurable impact on the organization and their people.

Success with Dharma Life’s six-week Trait Skill Development Program

A Better Manager
Based on the true experience of E.K., Dharma Life User

In the past, I would struggle to be an effective manager. During the 'Dharma Life Program', I realized that my long-term weakness was submissiveness. The physical and mind actions in the Dharma Life program helped me modulate my behavior and shed the shackles of submissiveness. I am now able to stand up for myself and for my needs, which has made me strong and productive in my career as a manager.

- E. K., Dharma Life User

Coming to Life
Based on the true experience of W.H., Dharma Life User

Once I graduated from college, my ambition was to have a start-up business of my own. I was confident about my ideas and entrepreneurial abilities. Unfortunately, no one was going to believe in my ideas, my abilities, or me if I didn't overcome my fear of people and interacting with others. My brain wasn't going to articulate my ideas in the air. I had to open up and come out of my shell to let everyone know what I was thinking. Dharma Life has given me practical techniques to overcome social anxiety. Now I can't wait to begin my journey to a start-up.

- W. H., Dharma Life User

Getting Me Out of My Own Way
Based on the true experience of A.R., Dharma Life User

My trait used to block my progress. Nobody really knew that I had these rules and restrictions in my mind. Everything needed to be as perfect as possible before I could say that I've completed my work assignment. I would pick on my negatives and other people's negatives instead of focusing on positives. I was never realistic. Disappointment surfaced when I couldn't reach the high standards I set for myself. With the assistance of my Dharma Life mentor, I feel much more confidant and positive. Before Dharma Life's program, I would wait for the perfect time. Today, I no longer miss out on opportunities like I did before.

-A. R., Dharma Life User

Learning to Love
Based on the true experience of M.H., Dharma Life User

My lack of self-confidence and low image of myself was affecting all areas of my life. I could not be my true self with friends and feared that they would judge me. In my career, I was not very forthcoming to take up high responsibilities or showcase my abilities. Though I knew I had problems with being a confident person, I didn't know how to deal with my low self-esteem. Dharma Life has given me ways to get through it.

- M. H., Dharma Life User

Easily Hurt
Based on the true experience of M.H., Dharma Life User

I used to think too much. Every day deep thoughts interrupted my work. I was too sensitive and it affected my relationship with my partner. Not being emotionally stable was a weakness that prevented me from feeling good in general. Both good and bad things affected me easily. I felt the need to be more balanced and stable. After a few weeks into the Dharma Life Program, and working on my sensitivity, I feel that life is going much smoother. I'm less affected by the ups and downs.

- M.H., Dharma Life User