Woman Leader Development Programs

Woman Leader Development Programs

In the United States, women were nearly half (46.8%) of the work force, but only slightly over a third (39.2%) of managers in 2015.

The industry, although blooming, faces the perpetual issue of fewer women in leadership positions. The exertion to remain a woman manager is hard.

Woman Leader Development Programs

Dharma's program provides women leaders an opportunity to grow and last in their organizations and enables one to explore wider horizons.

Can you relate to these challenges?

The changes you will witness

Enhanced personal reflection, growth and balance in personal lives without a burn out.

Improvement in competencies such as self-confidence by developing personal traits of women leaders.

Awareness of gender bias, roles and solutions to face them confidently.

Confidence to take up leaderships roles.

The Program

Our programs are based on measuring the leadership competencies before the start of the program, identifying with you the critical competency that needs to be improved, executing the program and then measuring the leadership competencies at the end of the program to show the level of improvement.

Dharma programs are scheduled over an 8-week period and require the following investments of your time:

Any personal information shared by you with your mentor is treated as confidential information and not shared with anyone else.